A Bit of Housekeeping and Some Nice News…

No, not that kind of housekeeping. God no, I’m rubbish at that sort of thing! Time to get a few bits on the blog in order.

First up, I’ve updated my “About” page as the blog has moved on from when I started it. I didn’t really think I’d still be doing this 15 months later. I have a tendency to lose interest in things so this is a true testament to how much I actually like cooking and being a part of the blogging community. It is a lot of work but it’s something I really do enjoy.

I see bloggers who say they’d never change their original posts as it shows their blogging journey. Well, forget that! I will change photos when I actually get around to setting up a proper shot. For instance, my pavlova pics were taken late at night in my anxiety to get the recipe up online. I have been meaning to change these for the past year. And I will do it, dagnammit!

I am now adding the option at the end of recipes to open a print friendly PDF version of the recipe itself. This means you can print it off without my ramblings and poor photos. It has taken me a while to work out how to do this so I am sadly pleased with myself for finally getting there. I will be doing this gradually on the archive recipes so bear with me.

There is a new page of useful hints and links. I have already mentioned most of these links in posts so this is just to have them all organised in one place. This is will be a working document and I will constantly update it to provide new links that I find good myself.

And on to the good news…..

I made the finalists of the Blog Awards Ireland! I am thrilled! I have to thank the lovely folk over on my facebook page that I *ahem* encouraged to nominate me and they duly obliged. The finalists have been whittled down from around 100 on the longlist to 11 finalists. I’m stunned to have made it but it is so nice to know that others seem to like what I’m doing. I have to admit to nearly doing a little jig in the middle of Patrick Street on Friday when I saw the list! The finalists in the the Food/Drink Blog category are here. If you want to browse through all of the categories and finalists the full list is here. There are some seriously impressive bloggers there.

Thanks for reading. Normal service will resume shortly….

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  1. Well deserved finalist indeed. If you are going, I am trying to get a table of food bloggers together so we can have a common interest at the table. Let me know if you are.

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