Blog Awards Ireland 2014


I’ve made the long list! I’m stunned and honoured. Well, not exactly stunned. I did shamelessly beg for people to nominate me on Facebook. Thanks a million to everyone who did. I really appreciate that people took the time to do it. Hopefully it’ll encourage me to keep going and enjoy blogging as much as I have so far, if not more. See the full long list of food and drink blogs here.

I’m delighted to see other blogs that I follow religiously on the list, and not just food blogs. And I have discovered blogs that are new to me. I’m adding so many to my reader on Bloglovin that I’ll probably be spending most of my time there now. (Sorry Twitter!)

The full list of blogs in all categories can be found here. Enjoy browsing!

Edited to say that I’ve made the shortlist!! I’m delighted so thanks again to everyone who nominated me.

Donna x

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