Squash Pear and Goats’ Cheese Salad with Black Pudding

I just love this time of year. Cosy dark nights, wearing chunky knit jumpers and boots, what’s not to love! Himself thinks I’m a total weirdo. I also love playing with different autumnal flavours such as this squash and pear. I always like to eat a good salad and once we move out of summer, […]

Potato Hash

Now that it’s the 63rd of January (seriously, can you believe it’s still January?!), it’s time for me to get organised and start posting recipes again. Given that it’s the middle of Winter and particularly cold I’m still filling up on comforting carbs, as you can probably tell I’m not one for Dry January, resolutions […]

Chorizo Potato Cakes

Hello! It’s been too long. The last while has been fairly hectic for me with both good and bad things happening. That’s life I suppose. As a result I took a break from blogging, I just didn’t have the energy or time to write up posts. But I’m back now, with my favourite type of […]

Warm Black Pudding and Apple Salad

Black Pudding, eh? You either love it or hate it. I adore it! There is just something really moreish about it. I have made many versions of black pudding salad but this Warm Black Pudding and Apple Salad is without a doubt my favourite.

Scallops with Black Pudding and Pancetta

Those of you who read my post on the Tapas Trail will have seen that this was served as part of the dish in Bodega. As I’m not a huge lover of seafood, I’m pretty nervous of cooking it. I have been trying to challenge myself a bit more lately and so I thought I’d have […]

Black Pudding and Apple Tart

I struggled a bit with naming this dish. Technically yes, it is a tart. However a tart suggests something far more elegant than this!

Crispy Black Pudding Croquettes with Poached Eggs and Tomatoes

Another breakfast or brunch post. Can you tell I look forward to a good breakfast on a weekend?! I know black pudding is a bit of a love it or hate it kind of food that divides people but I absolutely love it. It is really versatile and can be used in so many ways. […]