Merry Christmas!!


Merry Christmas to all!!

I’ve taken a bit of an unplanned break from the blog these past few weeks. The month has just flown by and I didn’t seem to have any time for new posts. Oh well, New Year, new beginnings and all that! So I promise I’ll be back with a vengeance in January and you’ll all be sick of my posts. I have noticed in the past few days that there is a lot of new traffic on the blog, it would seem people are looking for inspiration for entertaining over Christmas, particularly desserts. So I’ve put together a list of posts that you might find useful if you guests calling over the coming weeks. I hope you find them useful.

Merry Christmas Starters -A Cookbook Collection

If you are having people over for lunch or are looking for some simple starters for a big meal any of these would be a good choice:

Warm Pear, Walnut and Blue Cheese Salad

Roasted Cauliflower and Ras el Hanout Soup

White Onion and Parmesan Soup

Feta and Pomegranate Salad

This brown bread would be lovely served with any of these. The recipes can all be adapted to your needs. For example, you could serve the soup in shot glasses if you are catering for a large crowd with finger food. The salads could be served on bite size canapés such as little crostini or on little rounds of puff pastry.

 Merry Christmas Party Food- A Cookbook Collection If you are having a large crowd around say for New Year’s Eve, you’ll want plenty of finger food to have to pass around. Recipes that can be prepared well in advance are a lifesaver at these times. You could try any of these, just have plenty of cocktail sticks and napkins to hand!

Chunky Guacamole

Sticky Cocktail Sausages

Lamb and Pea Samosas – You can use potatoes in place of lamb if you want a vegetarian option.

Patatas Bravas

Red Onion and Goats Cheese Tarts – Serve in bite size portions

Merry Christmas Desserts -A Cookbook Collection And now on to the desserts and sweet treats! Trifle is crucial at Christmas but if you want another option there are plenty here to choose from. Again, for a crowd, use disposable shot glasses for small individual portions.

Chocolate Mousse

Sticky Gingerbread

Lemon Posset And some more….


Merry Christmas desserts - A Cookbook Collection

Cheats Chocolate Ganache Tarts

Baileys Cheesecake – particularly popular, can’t imagine why!

Pavlova – Ignore the terrible picture please. Serve with passion fruit and pomegranates to make it more seasonal. I served it last weekend with poached pears and toffee sauce. I should really have taken a picture!

White Chocolate and Passion Fruit Mousse with Raspberries 

Yes I know it dessert heavy, buy hey it’s Christmas! The diets start in January. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and here’s to great 2015!!

Donna x

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