Easy Butter Chicken

Happy 2021! It’s been quite the year already, hasn’t it? These photos show why I usually post breakfast recipes at this time of year as the late afternoon light is dreadful for pictures. To be honest, I probably should have held off posting this Easy Butter Chicken until I had better photos, but I have […]

Easy Chicken Satay Curry

  I make a curry at least once a week and try to mix it up as much as I can. I already have a recipe up for Beef Satay Skewers and I do love it. The beef becomes tender in the marinade and chars beautifully on the skewer. However, sometimes you just want to keep it […]

Aubergine Chickpea and Tomato Curry

People think food bloggers are constantly whipping up exotic meals in 10 minutes for dinner. Not true. Well, not in my case anyway. I’m fairly predictable, particularly midweek when I usually make some sort of a pasta dinner, a chicken salad, something with steak and a curry.

Beef Massaman Curry

Much and all as I love Thai Food, Massaman Curry was never something that interested me as it doesn’t have the punch of a red curry or say a good Thai Beef Salad. As I’ve, ahem, matured, I’ve come to appreciate this milder curry with it’s layers of warming spice rather than heat.

Lamb Rogan Josh

LAMB ROGAN JOSH Regular readers will already know how much I love a good curry. My default order when I go to my local Indian takeaway is Lamb Rogan Josh.

Indian Roast Chicken

  I should probably come up with a more interesting name than Indian Roast Chicken for this dish. But to be honest, that is exactly what it is. I could call it tandoori but that would be incorrect so let’s not try to dress it up too much.

Easy Veggie Curry

This curry is proof that “Necessity is the mother of invention.” I had some very sad looking veg wilting in the fridge and a bag of spinach that needed to be used or shoved in the freezer pretty quickly. I usually whip up a soup when this is the case but I thought the veg […]

Malaysian Lentil and Squash Curry

This curry is adapted from Jasmine & Melissa Hemsley’s The Art of Eating Well. Yes, they are the ladies leading the health craze and responsible for making ‘spiralizer‘ and ‘bone broth’ the buzz words of 2015.