Masala Fries with Mango, Salsa and Raita

Masala Fries Mango Salsa Raita -A Cookbook Collection

I love street food. That won’t come as any surprise to those who read this blog regularly. I love the casual dining concept and buying samples of inexpensive food that is usually bursting with flavour. So my friends who know me well, took me to Pop Brixton and I was in heaven. Both times I […]

Thai Beef Salad

Thai Beef Salad - A Cookbook Collection

This is one of those recipes that I make fairly regularly but it has only recently dawned on me that I never published it here. This and my fajita recipe, which I make at least once a month and also need to share here.

Crab Ravioli with Lemon Butter Sauce

Crab Ravioli- A Cookbook Collection

Crab and pasta is not a new concept. In fact, I think there are recipes in at least three of my cookbooks for some form of crab linguine. From Nigella Summer to the River Cafe Cookbook there is some combination of crab meat, pasta, chilli and lemon. The flavours are great together and it is […]

Spring Vegetable Pasta Salad

Spring Vegetable Pasta Salad - A Cookbook Collection

This post starts with an apology. My site was down today due a few behind the scene changes. Thanks to the wonderful folk at Blacknight it is up and running again. However, my last two posts for this and my Chocolate Truffle Cake and all the comments etc. disappeared. So I have recovered them and am […]

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Chocolate Truffle Cake- A Cookbook Collection

This one comes with a health warning. Or at least it should. This rich, creamy, chocolatey treat is my idea of heaven but even I can’t eat too much of it. That slice in the picture is far too much for one person to eat. I would recommend only making this Chocolate Truffle Cake when […]

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