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I don’t normally post on a Monday but I’ve done a little redesign on the site and part of this was introducing a “Meat Free” section. So what better day than Meat Free Monday to post?!

More and more people are cutting back on or cutting meat completely out of their diet. The Meat Free Monday movement may have seemed like a fad when it started but it has gained momentum over the last couple of years. There are many reasons for this – animal welfare concerns, environmental concerns, health concerns and even for financial reasons.

Personally, I like bacon and a good steak too much to ever go completely vegetarian. However, I only eat meat a couple of times a week. This wasn’t a conscious decision, I just like good vegetarian food. I’m not sure this would have been as easy 20 years ago, but we now have such easy access to great ingredients and recipes that the options are endless.

I’ve been posting Meat Free meals since I started this blog. They are not necessarily vegetarian as often they contain cheese such as parmesan. Or they are seasoned with Worcestershire sauce or fish sauce. If your meal does need to be vegetarian check all the ingredients you are using so that they are suitable. I have also included dishes that have fish or seafood. Some dishes such as the Aubergine Chickpea and Tomato Curry and Veggie Chilli are vegan.

Many of the other dishes can be easily adapted to be vegetarian by simply omitting the meat. Don’t be afraid to experiment! If you have meat free recipe ideas or any queries about a particular recipe leave a comment below.


The image above shows where to find the Meat Free section on a mobile site, and the one below shows where it is on a desktop. My doodles are excellent, no?











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