A Bit of Housekeeping and Some Nice News…

No, not that kind of housekeeping. God no, I’m rubbish at that sort of thing! Time to get a few bits on the blog in order.

Campo Viejo Tapas Trail Cork

I am very late posting this as I did the trail nearly three weeks ago. I got distracted by holidays and then getting back to work. So unfortunately the trails are finished for this year but I really hope they will return next year. I saw a lot of talk among bloggers in Dublin who […]

Blog Awards Ireland 2014

I’ve made the long list! I’m stunned and honoured. Well, not exactly stunned. I did shamelessly beg for people to nominate me on Facebook.

Three Day Intensive Cookery Course in The Tannery

I’ve been going on for a long time about doing a good cookery course, but have never actually managed to get around to doing one. Well, my family were obviously sick of my talk so they very kindly gave me money for my Christmas present last year with the provision that I would book a […]

Happy Birthday – Cookbook Giveaway!!

**************************** GIVEAWAY CLOSED **************************** Picture from BBC Good Food Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to……..ok you get the picture.